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Bespoke Web Solutions

Lekker Software Ltd undertake bespoke web solutions including website design, e-commerce, content management systems, personal blogs, and search engine optimisation (SEO) for small and medium sized businesses and indivduals. Take a look at our project portfolio to see some of our work, or contact us to see how we can help provide you with a personalised online web solution.

The Lekker Software Approach to Bespoke Web Solutions

Our name Lekker Software Ltd has a South African (Afrikaans) origin. The word "lekker" has no direct english translation, but can be interpreted as "fantastic", "cool", "pleasant" or "tasty", amoung some other interpretations. Although some in the tech world may describe well made software as being tasty, the interpretation we prefer is "fantastic" and "pleasant". This is because we aim to provide lightweight, fast, user and mobile friendly, bespoke web solutions and software.

We love to provide clients with minimalist, fast and user friendly solutions! Our belief is you should always consider the user first, and in this day and age mobile platforms are becoming the most popular form of using the internet. Therefore building lightweight, fast loading websites, and ensuring they are mobile friendly becomes ever more important. Too much overkill can bog down your website making it less responsive and overwhelming your customers. Did you know the online consensus is that the average web visitor is only prepared to wait 3 seconds before going elsewhere? Although this figure probably isn't completely accurate, it still highlights the importance of fast delivery of content!

A bespoke web solution which loads quickly, is mobile friendly, and minimalist in design can not only improve your sites search engine optimisation (SEO), keeping Google and other search engines happy, but can also provide a better experience for your customers who want fast delivery of information on the go.

Your advice and attention to detail was of the highest degree

I would like to take this chance to thank you at Lekker Software for all the hard work and personal attention placed into the creation of our website. Your advice and attention to detail was of the highest degree. You clearly and concisely explained the process, keeping to all timescales. I would be more than happy to employ Lekker Software again for future projects. Thank you once again your standard and work ethics are a credit to your company.

Andy Seatherton Systema South West

It’s been a pleasure working with Lekker Software once again

Again Lekker Software has stepped up to the mark and produced a stunning second website for our martial art school. I cannot express my gratitude for all the unique insights you placed before us enabling the creation of this new site. It is so different from the original website, but loses none of the creativity. It has been a pleasure working with Lekker Software once again, every aspect has delivered as promised.

Andy Seatherton Combat Fusion Martial Arts

Lekker Portfolio

Here you can see some of the recent bespoke web solution projects we have provided to our existing clients. Either select a project to get more information, or visit - Our Lekker Project Portfolio - to see a more extensive list.

Pro Flat Roofing Portfolio
Combat Fusion Portfolio
Systema South West Portfolio